Our offering and environment are particularly unique... 

We offer an environment where groups can safely push their boundaries, interact as teams, and play.  Utilize this space for your event to sit, stand, lay, talk, interact, and move in ways you don't normally and see how you end up thinking, acting, and communicating differently!

  • Corporate event space rental: Change your environment and challenge your perspective. Your group gets the entire facility for a specified period of time.
  • Birthday Parties: A birthday party gets your group the entire facility for 2 hours. See package pricing below.
  • Private workshops: Our instructors and staff are equipped to provide a day's worth or more of movement arts and wellness workshops tailored to your group's needs and abilities. We can design or help design a program to suit your goals.
  • Conventions / expos: Our facility is large enough to accommodate large groups for movement arts and wellness-oriented events and workshops.

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