Our Team – Richmond

Darek Hendrych - Director

Movement has been a part of my identity since I can remember. Growing up on martial arts flicks in eastern Europe, I idolized action stars that could flow like water and move like ninjas. I started training Kyokushin Karate when I was twelve. I did gymnastics in high school and in my early 20′s I moved to LA and fell in love with the movement style of Capoeira. Along the way, I’ve supplemented my movement training with Crossfit. I move because I like to – plain and simple. I get pleasure from jumping, flipping, running, doing handstands, swinging, crawling, and everything else my body allows me to do.

Rhett Kenny - Instructor


Chiropractor, Parkour, Movnat

As a chiropractor I teach the importance of movement and lifestyle management. I believe that doctors really do a poor job of "taking their own medicine" and I dedicated my life a long time ago to being a doctor that others could count on doing the hard work that patients would be asked to do. In my mind, I imagine that patient taking solace in the idea that the last mile was something Dr. Rhett would struggle with just as much as them.

I am honored to be associated with Urban Ninja Project because of my supreme optimist attitude and belief that play comes naturally to children. All they need is the opportunity, like the one UNP provides, and their nervous systems do the rest! We are a community of like-minded believers in the human condition, that health and "perceptual awareness" can be achieved to improve the community by creating independence and a strong moral compass.

Marissa Savage - Manager

My hobbies include dancing, gymnastics, backyard boxing, karate, climbing, running, and doing various flips. It was not only a big part of my life growing up, but also for my two kids. I only wish there were move places out there like Urban Ninja Project so more kids could experience what we here get to be a part of. As I grew older I stopped playing and climbing outside because it’s "for kids", Pffft! By being apart of UNP I can once again let my inner kid come out.

James Golden - Instructor

James Golden - Parkour

Growing up in southeastern Kentucky, there wasn't a lot of opportunity for movement based sports such as parkour, freerunning, martial arts, etc. As a kid, however, I was always attracted to movements such as climbing, running, and jumping in my environment, rather than traditional sports such as football, basketball, and baseball. Unfortunately, it wasn't until I was older and had the opportunity to leave my small town and find out that there was a world wide community of individuals who share the same love for movement. Because of this, I am committed to expanding this community so that everyone can have the chance to learn to move and transform their movement into a form of art. Whether it be parkour, martial arts, or a combination of both, everyone deserves the chance to grow and find out what that art means to them